Back to school update on FEEP

You remember the Friends of Eclipse Enhancement Program, right? It is a program that utilizes all the donations made through the Friends of Eclipse program to make significant and meaningful improvements and enhancements to the Eclipse IDE/Platform. I think it is a good time for me to provide you with an update about what we have done in the last quarter with this program.

One of the major effort we have been focused on is the triage of the key Eclipse Platform UI bugs. The bid has been awarded to Patrik Suzzi and I must say that the Eclipse Platform team and the Eclipse Foundation have been delighted to work with Patrik. Since the beginning of April, he has triaged about 400 bugs and fixed or contributed to fix 70 bugs in the Platform. It granted him to become an Eclipse Platform UI committer. Congratulation!

Among others, Patrik has fixed some very annoying bugs like the broken feedback on drag and drop of overflown tabs editor or the inclusion of an Eclipse help search in the quick access field. By the way, if you don’t know what quick access is, I urge you to have a look at it.

Quick search

Another area I’ve been working on is the progress monitor performance. When projects would do heavy progress reporting, the reporting itself was slowing down the running task by a huge factor. Have a look at how it now runs faster and smoother now.

Progress monitor performance overview

Many more fixes and improvements can be done to the Eclipse IDE/Platform with this program. Obviously, the development depends on the amount of donations received. You can help improve the Eclipse Platform and make a difference. You only need to donate today!

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